Content marketing software for teams of every size.

SEO & Linkbuilding
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1 Team-Member

✔ SEO & link building team

"Monitor Google positions and backlinks, find link sources and optimize content seeding."
Content Marketing Smart
per month
(Advance payment)
3 Team-Members
(+ unlimited watchers/observers)

✔ SEO & link building team
✔ Content Creation Team
✔ Online PR Team

"More power for small teams through a transparent workflow and detailed analysis in one software"
Content Marketing Grow
per month
(Advance payment)
3 Team-Members
(+ unlimited watchers/observers)

✔ SEO & link building team
✔ Content Creation Team
✔ Online PR Team

"Perfect cooperation of interdepartmental teams through project management, high customizability and accurate evaluation of team success"
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Frequently asked
Is there a contract period?

The first 14 days are free of charge - in each package. You can test without any risk, without giving a preferred means of payment and without automatic renewal. When activating the contract, the term of all packages is twelve months.

Does the free trial include full funcionality?

Yes, linkbird´s full functionality can be tested by the whole team during the free trial period. The test ends automatically after 14 days - no cancelation necessary.

Can I start immediately after registration?

Yes, directly after registration you will gain access to linkbird so you can start immediately - no waiting or installation required. You must only confirm your registration by an activation link in your e-mail inbox.

Will I receive support during the process?

Yes, your linkbird account is already enriched with information and First Steps for you to simplify the start - also please contact us via email and our free hotline support. If you want, you can also book an onboarding.

Can I upgrade and downgrade anytime I want?

Yes, you can always upgrade to a higher package. You can also book more team-members, links, keywords and alerts at any time. Downgrades and reductions are only possible at the end of the contract period.

Which payment methods are available to me?

Depending on the country you can pay for linkbird by direct debit, credit card, PayPal or invoice. With an annual booking you receive a discount.

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SEO & Linkbuilding
Content Marketing Smart
Content Marketing Grow
99 €
per month
(Advance payment)
Free Trial
199 €
per month
(Advance payment)
Free Trial
399 €
per month
(Advance payment)
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Team-Members 1 3 3
Each additional team member (monthly) 50,00 € Admin 50,00 € Admin
25,00 € Author
75,00 € Admin
25,00 € Author
included number of projetcs 5 5 5
Each additional project (monthly) 20,00 € 20,00 € 20,00 €
Google position monitoring (Number of keywords) 100 250 250
Per 100 additional keywords (monthly) 10.00 € 10.00 € 10.00 €
Brand and Content mentions (Number of Alerts) 5 15 15
Additional 5 alerts (monthly) 10.00 € 10.00 € 10.00 €
Linkmonitoring, -Analysis & -Alerts (Number of links) 10000 50000 50000
Additional 5000 links (monthly) 10.00 € 10.00 € 10.00 €
Content research (learn more)
topic monitoring
Find keywords
Find topics
Explore issues of the target group
Content Planning (learn more)
Campaign planning
Topic / content and task scheduling (project management)
Control and evaluate content-project progress
Content creation (learn more)
Content Creation Editor
Briefing Editor
Research support in editor
Approval process
Teamwork by commenting, workflows etc.
Watcher/Observer logins for campaigns and content
Content Distribution (learn more)
Find websites for Content Distribution
Qualify websites for outreach
Mailing-Outreach-System (Templates, Analysis etc.)
CRM System (bloggers, influencers, press distribution, etc.)
CMS Integration (e.g. Wordpress)
Content Analysis (learn more)
Google position monitoring (Number of keywords)
Brand and Content mentions (Number of Alerts)
Linkmonitoring, -Analysis & -Alerts (Number of links)
Competition analysis (ranking, links, references)
Content visibility (social signals, visitors, rankings, etc.)
Evaluating Social Media Coverage
Custom HTML reports incl. automatic delivery
Customizability (Logos, fields, etc.)
customer logins
Different user roles
Evaluate Content ROI accurately
comming soon comming soon
Apps and Integrations
CMS Connector Standard (Wordpress)
CMS Connector individual (connect every CMS)
Price on Request
Content Marketplace
Online Knowledge Base
your personal representative