SEOkicks makes use of crawlers to continuously collect link data and to offer them for free via their website, CSV export and API. The current index consists of more than 27 billion link data records made up of IP-Pop, Linkpop, Domainpop, ClassC-Pop, link target, anchor text and nofollow status.
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The SISTRIX tool box presents all important SEO and SEM indicators at a glance and has been repeatedly voted as the best SEO tool. A huge data basis documents the development of the most important SEO and SEM indicators for practically every domain since 2008 and thereby makes in-depth analysis possible. The use is simple, fast and clear.
SEOmoz develops SEO software and is home to the world's most dynamic SEO community. The SEOmoz PRO membership offers exclusive access to SEO tools, tips and premium guidelines - an invaluable treat for everyone keen on exploring the secrets of successful search engine optimization.
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Ahrefs is the world's largest index of live backlinks and the ultimate website analysis toolset that is trusted by thousands of SEOs and Integrated Marketing Professionals worldwide. Core value lies in big data, Ahrefs's goal is to provide both businesses and individuals with the most extensive and quickly updated databases of live backlinks available.
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