One of the biggest challenges in online marketing is generating relevant traffic for your website. Most SEOs are familiar with the terms content marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. Yet, many SEOs seem to hit the wall as soon as it comes to implementing these oft-cited concepts. Often, there is a lack of concrete strategies and significant measurements in order to identify best practices. Traffic Boost via SEO illustrates and explains these strategies which do not only generate ongoing organic traffic, but also entail numerous positive synergy results for all diciplines involved



Who should read this whitepaper:

  • SEO agencies and inhouse SEOs who are looking for best practices in traffic generation processes 
  • Online marketers who want to benefit from the interdisciplinary symbiosis effects of increasing online visibility
  • Content marketers who are looking for inspiration regarding the production of content aimed at reaching both goals and conversions 
  • Website operators of all kinds who want to increase their traffic and as a consequence their conversions and turnover figures 

In this whitepaper, you will learn among other things:

  • How SEO can generate more ongoing organic traffic 
  • How you can successfully implement different methods to increase traffic and what kind of effort these methods require 
  • Which disciplines are involved in the process and how they can effectively be integrated into the workflow
  • Which findings can be drawn from the results of my experiment "Increase Traffic To Your Website"
  • Which best practices for traffic boost should be integrated into every success-oriented web strategy

In our free whitepaper Traffic Boost via SEO, you will learn all you need to know for a better website performance

Introduction to Traffic Generation

Online visibility and traffic numbers go hand in hand to form the building blocks for a successful web marketing strategy. After all, the best content and best products are of little value to you if they get lost in the daunting maze called world wide web.

Online marketing success requires a high visibility of the content that is supposed to be marketed to a large enough audience and the resulting traffic on the respective URLs. These two factors are also highly important as prerequisites to increase conversions, sales and therefore, in the end, result in a higher revenue.

But what sort of methods will result in the highest organic traffic? I intend to test different strategies in my whitepaper. Eventually, I try to achieve two things: to find out how traffic numbers can be increased both reliably and permanently, as well as to identify the most effective methods to boost your traffic long-term.

What role does SEO play for Traffic Boost?

In essence, Traffic Boost via SEO denotes a goal and its measure. Both elements belong to the concept of a web-strategy. This web-strategy, then, is based on a general goal. But I am afraid, I have already jumped the gun at this point. The following graphic is intended to illustrate the relationship between traffic boost and SEO and place the two terms into a comprehensive context.

The next step is to define some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the subordinate goal Traffic Boost and to determine secondary activities for the method of SEO. A target-oriented workflow can be ensured with the help of the following adjustment of activities and KPIs. After all, it only makes sense to implement those activities which positively influence a KPI in the long run.

What methods for increasing website traffic are there?

This part of the whitepaper is about the activities that can encourage traffic boost. 

To make it easier for you to evaluate the methods with regard to your intentions, I have assigned my estimations of time frame and difficulty (based on my experience) to individual steps. In reality, however, different internal and external factors quite often distort the time frame of the methods detailed.

In general, there are three big levers for sustainably increasing website traffic: Content Marketing, Onlne PR and SEO. These three disciplines again include many different methods for driving more visitors to your website.  

Increasing website traffic via Content Marketing

You can divide Content Marketing into conception, production, and promotion of content. 

  1. During conception the focus is set primarily on choosing the right content formats and (re)using them efficiently. 

  2. During production the biggest challenge is to create appealing content and effectively align all content formats with your own business goals.

  3. During promotion it's about all or nothing. Successfully distributing your contents is at the heart of any content marketing strategy. Only those that manage to share their content at the right time through the right channels can generate the visibility necessary for more website traffic.

Increasing website traffic via Online PR

Online PR is about positioning the own company as positively in public as possible. 

This means fostering long-term relationships and sustainably building up your reputation. Good contact to influencers and multipliers in your industry is crucial in this regard as is good contact to (potential) customers. Continuous networking and regular outreach lay the foundation for a successful Online PR strategy. 

However, blog commenting, activities in relevant forums, and newsletter marketing can be leveraged for increasing traffic via Online PR too. The main focus herein lies on quality and relevance for your target group. In order to achieve this goal it is important to be aware of the two target groups that need to be reached: 1) influencers and multipliers that share your content and 2) the end consumer that finally buys your product or service. 

Increasing website traffic via SEO

SEO is not only about technical data and settings anymore but takes a holistic approach to positively impact customer experience. 

In order to create a positive and memorable experience for your website visitors you should keep the following things in mind: 

  1. Keyword Selection - It's important to find the right words. That means not only the words relevant to your business but most importantly the words your target group uses when searching for you. 

  2. Landing Page Design - A clear focus and proper display across all devices are crucial. Because bounce rates and dwelling time as well impact rankings. 

  3. Internal Linking Structure - The user needs to feel like Alice in Wonderland. Each link is a white rabibit to follow that leads into new and exciting content worlds. 

Results of Our Self-Experiment Increase Traffic

In May 2014, we started our experiment “Increase Traffic to Your Website” and finished it in August 2014. This is the moment of truth, as we naturally want to know what our tips and tricks for traffic increase have accomplished in the end. 

Did our traffic numbers eventually rise? Is there a link between Traffic Boost and one single measure? Which activities are especially successful and should thus be repeated on a regular basis for good rankings?

Total traffic on our German channels did rise! The numbers above clearly support this claim. Moreover, the trend is still rising and our experiment was successful. Our application of tips did indeed lead to an increase in traffic.

Best Practices of Traffic Boost via SEO

Based on the information shared in the previous chapter, I am going to draw conclusions on my findings during and after the self-experiment. In this conclusion, I also identify best practices in line with Traffic Boost. But which criteria should be applied as a filter to detect the most successful methods? Here‘s my approach:

Best Practice = (Traffic Increase/Time)/ Effort > xx

Surely, this formula cannot be filled with real numbers and must be seen as an approach rather than a mathematic calculation. Those practices declared as “best practices” thus contain an over-average effort-outcome-ratio that is not only proven by my data-backed evaluation but also by my subjective perception.