One of the greatest challenges for SEO- and online agencies is the optimization of their workflow. However, with the right software, you can make both SEO & linkbuilding, content marketing & content seeding and online PR more efficient and successful.  

With the linkbird tool, you can improve the use of resources, increase the efficiency of your workflow and improve your agency's profit margin. This is how it would look like in detail:

SEO for Online Marketing Agencies

  • Prioritize your workflow and align your employee's goals more efficiently 
  • Tag websites and contacts according to themes and contact them with only a few clicks (e.g. person / website that has been tagged by "publishing house" or "sports")   
  • Use already existing clients to reproduce/scale your success in planning and outreach to websites and partners 

Linkbuilding and Content Seeding for SEO Agencies

  • Automated backlink check: each link will be monitored with regard to its availability on a daily basis 
  • Find sources for content seeding and link building in no time – e.g. blogs containing product reviews, as well as forums & websites covering your clients' brands, etc.
  • Automated Alerts for important keywords in your niche or about your clients' brands will inform you about important news (= new link sources / new contacts & influencers) on a weekly basis (or any other time interval)
  • Monitor the rankings for necessary keyword sets and group them accordingly – keep an eye on the successes you have already achieved for your clients and be aware of low-hanging-fruits (e.g. high rankings on page 2 or a keyword-group called "high priority")
  • Have more time for the important things and be able to enjoy the important tasks of your work 

SEO Analysis and Reporting for SEO Agencies

  • Easily compose PDF reportings for your clients and manually or automatically send them out in your own corporate design 
  • Create client-logins and minimize your reporting-efforts 
  • Use synergy-effects from new and already existing clients via campaign histories, the evaluation of mail customeacquisitions and already established website and contact networks in the tool

With your individual Use Case for SEO and online marketing agencies, you will see how countless of agencies around the world employ the linkbird tool. You will also get an idea of how the various functions of the tool will help you to work well-structured and more efficiently.

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