One of the greatest challenges for online shops and web portals is the optimization of their workflow. However, with the right software, you can make both SEO & linkbuilding, content marketing & content seeding and online PR more efficient and successful.  

Use Case

With the linkbird tool, you can increase the efficiency of your workflow, make better use of your resources, and improve rankings and thereby increase SEO revenue. This is how it works:

Increase the efficiency & performance of the daily workflow in your team

  • Find sources for content seeding and link building in a time-saving manner – e.g. blogs with reviews of your services or forums & websites writing about your brand or products – contact them with just a few clicks directly through linkbird
  • Seed your content within your target audience and let an alarm notify you, whenever your brand is mentioned on the internet without a back link
  • Thematically tag existing contacts – e.g. bloggers or journalists – and recontact them with a few clicks (e.g. all persons/websites with the tag “publisher” or “sports”)
  • Save websites relevant in topics (e.g. blogs or forums) in linkbird and leverage them for SEO and content seeding campaigns
  • Find your competitors’ links in a few clicks’ time and indentify overlaps
  • Unite your SEO and PR teams thanks to different access rights and benefit from the synergies for your SEO & link building

Make an even better use of your resources

  • Automatic back link check: never again loose valuable links and always keep your rankings high
  • Automatic alerts on keywords relevant to your pet topics or for the brands of your clients will inform you, for example, on a weekly basis about important news (such as new link sources / new contacts & influencers)
  • Brand alerts show you websites and blogs writing about you but not linking back to you (=low hanging fruits for your link building)
  • Monitor and group rankings for the relevant keyword set – thus keeping an eye on the successes made possible for the client and on always visible low hanging fruits (e.g. rankings on page 2 in a high position or in the key word group „high priority“)
  • More time for the really important tasks & more fun in achieving them 

Increase your SEO revenue

  • Get quicker results on higher organic visibility (on websites and in search engines) and reduce your dependency on paid ads (such as Google Adwords) in the long run
  • Work out targeted plans for corresponding landing pages and keywords, realize them and optimize your successes – with the help of all possibilities of evaluation available 

With your individual Use Case for online shops and web portals, you will see how countless of online shops around the world employ the linkbird tool. You will also get an idea of how the various functions of the tool will help you to work well-structured and more efficiently.

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