One of the greatest challenges for Online PR agencies is the optimization of their workflow. agencies leverage the symbiosis of online PR, content and parts of search engine optimization (SEO). linkbird offers many advantages on this behalf.  


Use Case
With the linkbird tool, you can improve your content management, content distribution and PR success on the Web. This is how it would look like in detail:

Manage, find and approach your PR contacts

  • CRM-System: Save relevant journalists and bloggers – as well as the online media accessible for your contacts – in the CRM system and add individual tags such as press distribution list, blogger, topic health, topic sports, etc.
  • Manage your press distribution list and make new contacts: find websites concurring in topics (linkbird pre-qualifies them) to distribute your customers‘ contents
  • Archive the communication history via telephone, e-mail and further channels
  • Keep up-to-date with the activities of your PR contacts on e.g. Facebook and Twitter

Send press releases and contents 

  • Send press releases and contents such as infographics, whitepapers, etc. to your press distribution list or contact lists with concurring topics directly through linkbird
  • Evaluate and increase response rates for your e-mails and/ or press releases
  • Manage mailing templates to secure uniform agency communication 

Evaluate brand mentions and reach of online PR agencies 

  • Brand monitoring incl. e-mail alerts: keep on track with brand mentions of your customers in blogs, forums and online magazines and react upon it
  • Automatic alerts for keywords within the area of interest of your customers inform you on e.g. a weekly basis about news (=new sources for publication/ new contacts & influencers)
  • Save achieved press reports (in e.g. blogs and online magazines) and evaluate their reach (e.g. number of tweets, shares, etc.) (PDF report for customers possible)
  • Monitor the position of your customers in search engines for relevant PR / image keywords

With your individual Use Case for Online PR agencies, you will see how countless of agencies around the world employ the linkbird tool. You will also get an idea of how the various functions of the tool will help you to work well-structured and more efficiently.

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