linkbird content repurposing matrix

What is content repurposing and why should you consider it?

With content marketing on a perpetual rise in online marketing departments around the world, the issues of content shock on the one hand, and lack of ideas for content on the other have been plaguing marketing departments for some time now. In our content marketing at linkbird we are also faced with this issue. To find a solution we came up with a step-by-step-guide to content repurposing based on our own experiences in making strategic use of good content ideas.

To us, content repurposing involves the sytematic and deliberate process of dissecting, combining, representing and retargeting existing content. A solid content repurposing strategy is key to gaining advantage over your competitors.

To start with check out the linkbird Step-by-Step Guide to Content Repurposing 

The PDF features, among other things,...

  • an introduction to the linkbird content matrix
  • a detailed explanation how the different components of the matrix work
  • three practical examples on how to use the matrix and plan your content repurposing
  • three different templates you can print out and use for your strategy

In our Step-by-Step Guide you will learn why and how to invest your energy into content repurposing and get some templates to start strategizing immediately.

What are you waiting for? Download now! 

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