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Rank Tracking shows you which strategy results in success

  • Stop guessing - linkbird shows you the success of your activities 
  • build your own visibility-indexes with keyword groups 
  • receive emails to alert you about changes in your rankings
  • keep an eye on important positions, react promptly and increase your organic traffic 


"In SEO it's important to always keep an eye on the relation between action and effect. Thanks to the linkbird Rank Tracker it's easy to track how inbound marketing measures impact the development of rankings." 

Laurens Mauquoi
Head of Search & Social (www.tirendo.de)



How can Rank Tracking help me?

Rank Tracking is somewhat synonymous with Keyword Monitoring. In other words, a Rank Tracker Tool first and foremost scales which keywords rank most successfully for your site. At the same time, the tool detects the position on which your website ranks within certain serach engines. This way, you can actually review (and measure) the success which has been achieved by other online marketing diciplines, such as content marketing, linkbuilding and online PR. 

For example, the actual results of content marketing are very hard to measure. A Page Rank Checker is the ideal tool to comprehend which long- or short-term strategies are really effective and result in successful SERPs. The insights gained from a ranking check therefore form the basis for further important steps in the optimization of a website, as well as for the keyword analysis. 


How does linkbird's Ranking Check work?

The linkbird rank tracker has been specially designed to monitor a specific website with regard to individual sets of keywords. This function enables you to monitor various target pages on different Google domains with regard to several keywords. In the next step, you can further extract valuable information from keyword monitoring for the following purposes: 


  • Website Ranking
  • Get all the important information about the current position of your website(s) at one glance.  

  • Monitor Shifts in Position 
  • Every rise and fall in the SERPs is being registered by using different colors. At the same time, a time-specific classification makes an account of the shifts in position possible. 

  • Extensive Evaluation of Your Entire Online Marketing
  • Measure the success of SEO, content marketing and online PR not only based on links, but on actual rankings.     

Link Building

  • High-Quality Link Building via Rank Tracking
  • Render your link building more effective: if you know which keywords provide the best rankings, you can adjust your anchor texts accordingly. 

  • Use Low-Hanging Fruits 
  • A website which ranks first place on the second page for a specific keyword could make the first page by receiving some more high-quality links. Thus, you can tailor your actions most profitably by directing them at this task.

Online PR / SEO

  • Online Reputation Management
  • It is ultimately your decision for which keywords you want to rank and what tenor your website is supposed to have. You can measure and evaluate your efforts with the results from a Ranking Check.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Evaluate your ranking successes - both the long-term and short-term ones - and optimize your keyword research and keyword targeting on the basis of your results.

Market Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis 
  • With the help of the linkkbird keyword monitor, you can keep an eye on your competitors and compare the ranking positions of your trade rivals with your own SEO successes.

  • Comparison of international markets
  • Track the effectiveness of various keywords in different international markets and optimize your country-specific websites accordingly. 

What benefits does the Keyword monitor offer?

The Rank Tracker Tool keeps you informed about the performance of your website in search engines and shows you en detail which keywords rank the best. Two aspects are crucial here: the question as to which keywords generally rank the best and which keywords are the most relevant for your site in the first place. By assessing all information gathered from the ranking check and deducing the respective need for action, you are able to positively influence your rankings both proactively as well as reactively

  • You realistically assess your competitors and instantly recognize any available position-potentials

  • You deduce any necessary needs for action from keyword monitoring and can accordingly optimize your workflow most profitably 

  • You can concentrate on the keywords which achieve the best ROI in your targeted market

  • You can analyze trends in your Google ranking and identify - also retroactively - the trigger for fluctuations 

  • You will achieve ongoing Top-Rankings with the help of reacting immediatly to any losses in ranking

  • You increase your online visibility  for those keywords that matter in your business via effective and measurable keyword targeting

  • You achieve an improved website performance through a continuously and success-oriented adjusted SEO strategy

What is so special about our Rank Tracker?

  • Keywords can be grouped and therefore prioritized 

  • direct comparison of your own rankings with the most important competitors

  • Keywords that are to be monitored can be assigned to a specific project 

  • Results can be filtered according to relevant metrics 

  • With the help of the keyword ranking history, you can detect any upcoming trends 

  • If requested, you can have automatic PDF reports sent out regularly 

  • You can view rankings for single Google domains separately 





Start now and test linkbird´s Rank Tracking Tool for free:


With the linkbird Rank Tracking Tool, you are able to call up keyword rankings for as many as 188 Google domains:

  • Google.com
  • Google.ac
  • Google.ad
  • Google.ae
  • Google.al
  • Google.am
  • Google.as
  • Google.at
  • Google.az
  • Google.ba
  • Google.be
  • Google.bf
  • Google.bg
  • Google.bi
  • Google.bj
  • Google.bs
  • Google.by
  • Google.ca
  • Google.cat
  • Google.cd
  • Google.cf
  • Google.cg
  • Google.ch
  • Google.ci
  • Google.cl
  • Google.cm
  • Google.co.ao
  • Google.co.bw
  • Google.co.ck
  • Google.co.cr
  • Google.co.id
  • Google.co.il
  • Google.co.in
  • Google.co.jp
  • Google.co.ke
  • Google.co.kr
  • Google.co.ls
  • Google.co.ma
  • Google.co.mz
  • Google.co.nz
  • Google.co.th
  • Google.co.tz
  • Google.co.ug
  • Google.co.uk
  • Google.co.uz
  • Google.co.ve
  • Google.co.vi
  • Google.co.za
  • Google.co.zm
  • Google.co.zw
  • Google.com.af
  • Google.com.ag
  • Google.com.ai
  • Google.com.ar
  • Google.com.au
  • Google.com.bd
  • Google.com.bh
  • Google.com.bn
  • Google.com.bo
  • Google.com.br
  • Google.com.bz
  • Google.com.co
  • Google.com.cu
  • Google.com.cy
  • Google.com.do
  • Google.com.ec
  • Google.com.eg
  • Google.com.et
  • Google.com.fj
  • Google.com.gh
  • Google.com.gi
  • Google.com.gt
  • Google.com.hk
  • Google.com.jm
  • Google.com.kh
  • Google.com.kw
  • Google.com.lb
  • Google.com.ly
  • Google.com.mm
  • Google.com.mt
  • Google.com.mx
  • Google.com.my
  • Google.com.na
  • Google.com.nf
  • Google.com.ng
  • Google.com.ni
  • Google.com.np
  • Google.com.om
  • Google.com.pa
  • Google.com.pe
  • Google.com.pg
  • Google.com.ph
  • Google.com.pk
  • Google.com.pr
  • Google.com.py
  • Google.com.qa
  • Google.com.sa
  • Google.com.sb
  • Google.com.sg
  • Google.com.sl
  • Google.com.sv
  • Google.com.tn
  • Google.com.tr
  • Google.com.tw
  • Google.com.ua
  • Google.com.uy
  • Google.com.vc
  • Google.com.vn
  • Google.cv
  • Google.cz
  • Google.de
  • Google.dj
  • Google.dk
  • Google.dm
  • Google.dz
  • Google.ee
  • Google.es
  • Google.fi
  • Google.fm
  • Google.fr
  • Google.ga
  • Google.ge
  • Google.gg
  • Google.gl
  • Google.gm
  • Google.gp
  • Google.gr
  • Google.gy
  • Google.hn
  • Google.hr
  • Google.ht
  • Google.hu
  • Google.ie
  • Google.im
  • Google.iq
  • Google.is
  • Google.it
  • Google.je
  • Google.jo
  • Google.kg
  • Google.kz
  • Google.la
  • Google.li
  • Google.lk
  • Google.lt
  • Google.lu
  • Google.lv
  • Google.md
  • Google.me
  • Google.mk
  • Google.ml
  • Google.mn
  • Google.ms
  • Google.mu
  • Google.mv
  • Google.mw
  • Google.ne
  • Google.nl
  • Google.no
  • Google.nr
  • Google.nu
  • Google.pl
  • Google.pn
  • Google.ps
  • Google.pt
  • Google.ro
  • Google.rs
  • Google.ru
  • Google.rw
  • Google.sc
  • Google.se
  • Google.sh
  • Google.si
  • Google.sk
  • Google.sm
  • Google.sn
  • Google.so
  • Google.st
  • Google.td
  • Google.tg
  • Google.tk
  • Google.tl
  • Google.tm
  • Google.to
  • Google.tt
  • Google.vg
  • Google.vu
  • Google.ws


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