Direct communication from within the CRM 

Arrange your contacts via tags into groups
Contact Details

Save all relevant contact details 


The perfect CRM for the symbiosis of SEO, Content & Online PR

  • save your SEO-, marketing-, blogger- and journalist-contacts
  • create individual distribution lists (e.g. press mailing lists) 
  • send emails from within linkbird and be informed via the communication history 
  • make use of your existing contacts in the most efficient way: more visibility for your brand 


How can a CRM System help me?

A CRM system helps to keep track of and engage in communications with business contacts, clients, bloggers, and influencers in the respective industry. Contact information is being brought together in one single overview which makes it easier to detect and add any missing data.

By keeping track of individual communication histories, the entire workflow of outreach and Online PR is being optimized. The combination of both contact information and the ability to conduct individual email campaigns results in a highly efficient public relations process.


How does linkbird's CRM System and PR Outreach work?

The linkbird CRM system for Online PR, influencer outreach, and business relations with bloggers is the online version of a highly-efficient address book. All the important data of individual contacts (including social media) are gathered in one place and can be accessed and updated at any time. Individual tags can additionally be assigned to particular contacts and make for a time-efficient and convenient communication workflow.

Via different distribution lists, outreach in general becomes more simplified and is made both more efficient and easier to keep track of. By being able to start a communication with bloggers, influencers and business contacts directly in the tool, both time and funds are being saved: 

Contact Data

  • Contact Overview
  • Keep all the important data of your contacts in one neat place. Add individual tags to your contacts to further benefit your outreach strategy.

  • Social Media
  • Have all the social media information of your contacts at hand and see what information is still missing which could benefit your outreach. Get the real-time social media stream for Twitter and Facebook displayed directly in the tool.
  • Import contact data
  • Simply import contacts to the tool via copy and paste.

  • Interconnected contact and page network
  • Depending on what you are searching for, you can either filter relevant websites for important metrics in the page network and get the respective contact or filter for relevant contacts in the CRM and get the related website displayed.

Communication Process

  • Effective Workflow
  • Start a communication with your PR contacts from within the tool and keep track of the status and success of your outreach.

  • Distribution Lists
  • Use individual mailing lists (for bloggers, business contacts, or influencers) to make your outreach both more traceable and efficient and tag websites with respective topics for quick and easy filtering.

Outreach and Online PR

  • Strategy and Organization
  • Arrange your contacts into individual groups (via tagging them) and approach them through a bulk action at the same time.

  • Scheduling
  • Schedule your own tasks as well as those of your team members for an effective implementation of your linkbuilding-goals, by assigning communications to your team and scheduling deadlines in linkbird.

  • Monitoring
  • Use the communication history to monitor the process you are making in your outreach to journalists, bloggers and influencers.  
  • Assign links to a contact
  • You can connect a link to the responsible contact and the tool will show you all links acquired through that person directly in the CRM, thus you can easily filter for the most active multipliers in your database.

What benefits does PR Outreach with linkbird offer?

PR outreach via an efficient CRM system will make sure that you are both increasing the visibility of your brand or company and at the same time benefitting other online marketing disciplines, most importantly content seeding. In SEO, communication with business contacts and influencers is crucial to uphold or increase the success of your company. The linkbird CRM offers the perfect platform to have an all-in-one workflow: relevant contact data, communication/outreach, and monitoring of your outreach process.   

  • You save time by collecting the information of your contacts within an intelligent overview. 

  • You can make your outreach most efficient.

  • You can organize your communication efforts in the best possible way.

  • You can keep track of the process of your outreach.

  • You will improve your visibility by using a highly efficient communication system that combines all the relevant steps in just one feature.

What is so special about our CRM System?

  • includes social media profiles of bloggers, journalists and influencers 

  • enables you to update contact information of your contacts and to add missing data

  • divides your contacts into individual groups for greater clarity 

  • allows you to instantly take the necessary steps to make your communication more successful

Start now and test linkbird´s Marketing CRM Feature for free:


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