The challenge of successful and systematic production of good content originates in thorough research, planning, prioritization, as well as subsequent analysis and optimization.

Many companies produce a wide range of content, without proper control of the process and evaluation of the results. Therefore the invested budget is not optimally utilized and potential is lost.

Every content management system (CMS), such as Wordpress, can be easily expanded to a professional content marketing tool by utilizing the linkbird CMS Connector. This will improve the Google rankings and provide more organic visitors.

In combination with the linkbird content marketplace you can set up a "half-automated" content marketing process within your company.

What are the benefits of the CMS Connector?

  • Simple connection to the existing CMS via API
  • Transfer of content that was planned and created in linkbird to the CMS for publication on own website
  • Integrated analysis of published content in regards to visitors, rankings, campaigns, as well as involved authors and editors.

Who is the linkbird CMS Connector made for?

  • E-Commerce companies that want to professionalize their magazines and blogs and improve the measurement of content´s success.
  • Agencies that need to access multiple CMS for different customers – thanks to the CMS Connector all on one platform.
  • Publishers that want to control online magazines, editors and authors in one tool.

How can your CMS be connected to linkbird?

  • linkbird already has an existing integration for popular CMS: Wordpress (more information)
  • The linkbird enterprise edition allows to connect own content managements systems, a corresponding request needs to be made.

Optimize your content management by streamlining the process of content creation, controlling internal and external employees and measuring content´s success – all on one platform.