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Analyze the SEO Competition of your keywords 
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Find your competitor's target pages for your keywords 
Keyword Trends

Keep an eye on the demand for your keywords 


Spare yourself the manual keyword search

  • for each of your predefined search items, linkbird detects the best keyword ideas for your content marketing 
  • with just one click, you can discover relevant keywords within the topic area of your most important keywords 
  • have the individual trends of your keywords displayed
  • increase the performnace of your content and optimize your content marketing with an effiicient keyword strategy 


How can Keyword Research and Analysis help me? 

Inbound- and Content Marketing are two cornerstones of each and every well conceived and intelligent online marketing strategy. The actual content-production represents the most time- and work-intensive part and should therefore be planned and structured in an ideal way. What matters most is the content production for search items (keywords) in high demand. In either a text, a headline or a subheadline, these keywords provide a hint for readers or search engines about what a specific text or content is all about. 

You will gain an entrepreneurial advantage over your competitors by knowing which keywords are the most relevant for a specific topic, which keywords are the most fought-over in a certain industry, and which keywords find themselves on a downward or an upward trend. The linkbird Keyword Hunter will support you in this step. The Keyword Hunter enables you to quickly and easily find relevant keywords for any topic, to analyze them accordingly to their degree of competition as well as their cost factor and thereby find new and innovative ideas for your content marketing. 

How does the Keyword Hunter work?

The Keyword Hunter browses the net for suitable keywords, their search volume, cost per click and all the websites that rank for the respective keyword on the first 100 places. It then arranges the keywords according to their search volume in a chart. Morover, it determines the SEO competition index, as well as an interest-trend, depicting the trend during the last couple of years for every keyword. 

Additionally, the keyword hunter's customized filters and categories help you to better organize your keywords in a clear manner and see at a glance which keywords are the most relevant and carry the best prospects of success. 

Keyword Search

  • Find relevant keywords 
  • The Keyword Hunter browses the internet and finds relevant keywords based upon your predefined main keywords. 

  • Evaluate your keywords
  • By arranging all found keywords in a neat overview, the Keyword Hunter enables you to qualify valuable terms and long-tail keywords with filterable metrics in a timely manner. 
  • Find the perfect keywords for your topic area with several filters
  • With linkbird, you are able to adjust your keyword research by using language- and region-filter and adjust it according to your needs. 

 Keyword Analysis

  • Analyze found keywords 
  • Via a simple klick, you are able to have relevant metrics displayed, such as the competition quotient, as well as relevant websites which rank for the specific keyword. Subsequently, you can have the link profiles of websites on the highest ranks displayed and recreate their link profiles for ideal rankings.

  • Compare costs with competition   
  • In a precise juxtaposition, you are able to compare the individual costs of various keywords with the respective search volume and Google Adwords Competition quotient. This way, you are able to efficiently and quickly detect the most interesting and most valuable keywords for you.    

Keyword Trends

  • monitor fluctuating trends for different keywords and deduce your strategies accordingly
  • In a line chart, the Keyord Hunter displays the interest-volume of selected keywords during the last 10 years. On the basis of these trends, you can see which keywords find themselves on either an upward or downward trend. Subsequently, you can decide whether it is (still) profitable to do some content marketing for a specific search item. 

  • The keyword overview offers important information on industry-relevant keywords with the highest search volume  
  • The keyword overview offers you a current index of the keyword-ranking according to search volume, that is, the current popularity of various keywords among users. This way, you're continuously informed about high-demand keywords for which you might want to consider aiming at a high ranking as well. 

Workflow and Structure

  • Have all the websites displayed which rank for a specific keyword 
  • The keyword Hunter shows you the Top 100 websites that rank for a specific keyword. In case your website is not among the Top 100, you are able to immediately react and implement the right keyword strategy and intelligent content marketing- and seeding measures to counteract.        
  • Scheduling function
  • To achieve your content marketing goals, you can schedule individual tasks that derive from the keyword research, as well as tasks of your team members by asigning individual jobs within your team and create corresponding deadlines. 

  • Recreate successful link profiles with the help of relevant keywords
  • With the help of a bulk action, you are able to have the links of your competitors displayed and thereby get an exact overview of the sites you should build links on in order to achieve a better ranking for the respective keyword.       

What are the advantages of the Keyword Hunter?

The Keyword Hunter will be your daily workflow tool for finding , analyzing  and evaluating relevant keywords. The easy-to-use interface makes sure that:  

  • You can quickly collect relevant keyword ideas for your business.  

  • You can quickly and easily evaluate your keywords with the help of different metrics.

  • You will keep an eye on your (ranking-) competitors and can react accordingly.

  • You stay up-to-date on relevant topics in your industry and are able to actively create opportunities for better rankings

  • You can build up your content-databases of relevant keywords and keyword-trends for an ideal inbound marketing strategy.  

  • You can start and monitor your next steps for keyword competitor analysis immediately from within the keyword overview and monitor your ranking progress

What is so special about our Keyword Hunter?

  • Keywords are found within a matter of seconds and can be evaluated.

  • Found keywords can be quickly qualified and transfered via bulk action into your rankings where you can also monitor their performance 

  • In addition to finding keywords for your own website, you should also keep an eye on the pages of your competitors 

  • The Keyword Hunter optimizes your entire content marketing research, including content production. 

  • Find suitable and relevant keywords for topics that are related to your business 

  • The Keyword Hunter will simplify your content marketing workflow tremendously 

Start now and test linkbird´s Keyword Hunter Tool for free:


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