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Content Seeding = sustainable visibility

  • find thematically relevant websites with linkbird (e.g. forums or blogs about your topic)
  • get into contact most efficiently with the linkbird workflow
  • perfect your outreach with individualized templates 
  • keep track of your pipeline for potential publications
  • increase the number of links, brand mentions, and social signals to your website 


How can Content Seeding and Outreach help me?

Content Seeding and Outreach are two crucial parts of a holistic online marketing strategy. Through the broad distribution of your content, you will ensure visibility, traffic, and a high number of leads. Well-researched, high-quality content is not enough, but needs to be promoted in order to be as successful as possible for your company.

The seeding of your content can be achieved via (PR) outreach. With the help of well-composed emails, you will not only get your content viewed and read by a large number of people, but also build links by having others link back to your articles. This will eventually result in better rankings in the SERPs and generally improve your online marketing efforts.


How does linkbird's Content Seeding and Outreach work?

Content Seeding and Outreach with linkbird will assist you from the very beginning, i.e., the research for relevant sites, the actual creation of an email with the help of individual templates, and the monitoring of your campaign with the use of percentage numbers assigned to different stages in the communication. All in all, linkbird’s Content Seeding and Outreach feature will benefit the following aspects of your online marketing: 


  • Communication History  
  • Change the status of your outreach and keep track of the success of your email campaign, which is accessible to any team member involved in order to ensure efficient communication flows.

  • Assign communication 
  • You can easily assign a communication to another team member and automatically transfer the respective communication details to them.

  • Automatization
  • Activate an automatic followup email and optimize your workflow by saving time for other tasks.  
  • Blacklist   
  • Put people not interested or qualified for cooperation on the blacklist and the tool will prevent you from reaching out to these contacts.

  • Connect communication process to planning target 
  • You can directly connect a communication to a planning target in order to track the progress of this specific project/campaign and set a specific goal (link type, link text, etc.) for outreach.

Content Seeding

  • Relevant Websites
  • Find suitable websites for your content and improve your seeding process.  

  • Use templates to save time
  • Create your own email templates, customize them according to your industry and easily integrate time-saving placeholders.
  • Scheduling
  • Schedule your own tasks as well as those of your team members for an effective implementation of your linkbuilding-goals, by assigning link sources and goals to your team and scheduling deadlines in linkbird.

  • Response Rate Tracking
  • Optimize your outreach by analyzing and evaluating email templates.

  • Build up your Marketing/PR CRM
  • You can directly save a contact from communication on the CRM      

Link Building

  • High-Quality Link Building via Content Seeding and Outreach
  • Make your link building more effective: outreach via content is more likely to result in external links for your site than cold acquisition. 

  • Increase your Visibility online 
  • Content seeding and outreach will eventually increase the social signals of your website and boost the traffic to your website. 
  • Enter a link for successful outreach 
  • Directly file a successfully generated link via the communication tool, so the contact will automatically be added to the CRM and will be assigned to the link

What benefits does Content Seeding with linkbird offer?

Content seeding makes not only sure that your high-quality articles, infographics, reviews, etc. reach their target audience, but will eventually result in higher traffic, lead generation, and an increase in sales. With linkbird, you are able to plan, research, conduct, and monitor your outreach most efficiently. The entire data of the communication history with each and every contacted person is collected in a neat and organized design and can be accessed and consulted at any time.  

  • You can easily find high-quality link sources for your content seeding.

  • You can personalize individual email templates with your signature, individual attachments, graphics, etc.

  • You can keep track of your workflow and take necessary steps.

  • You will ensure that you do not miss a possible seeding source for your content.

  • You will improve your linkprofile with the generated links through content seeding.

What is so special about our Content Seeding and Outreach Feature?

  • assigns different statuses to individual communications 

  • creates individual templates for different content seeding campaigns 

  • allows you to do the research for your content seeding within the tool and adds the found websites as link sources

  • installs automatic followup emails

  • enables both content seeding and the monitoring of your achievements in outreach 

Start now and test linkbird´s Content Seeding Feature for free:


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