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Say goodbye to manual research

  • linkbird finds relevant websites for your content seeding / content marketing in only few minutes  
  • search for blogs, forums, and websites on a specific topic or with specific characteristics 
  • discover your competitors' links with only a few clicks and identify overlaps 
  • create your own customized list of thousands of website sources thanks to numerous filters and custom tags


How can Link & Content Seeding Source Research help me?

A key activity in SEO and online PR is link building where a lot of time is used on finding good backlink sources. It doesn’t end there of course, as you will still need to evaluate sources based on their metrics. This is where linkbird’s Sitehunter can greatly help you. The Sitehunter enables you to easily find relevant opportunities for links and collaborations and evaluate them quickly. 

In today’s hyper competitive online marketing world anything that gives you an edge is welcome. Getting backlinks from sources where your competitors don’t yet have backlinks is key in gaining a competitive edge. But by tracking and reacting to your competitor’s activity, you can also ensure that your competitors don’t gain an edge. The Sitehunter helps you to not only find your competitor’s sources but also measure how valuable they are.

How does the Sitehunter work?

The Sitehunter scans the web for blogs, comments, forums and any other kind of webpage with respect to keywords which are relevant for your business. It then arranges the collected webpages (sources) into a table by project and keyword type. In addition to that, each collected webpage is displayed in a table with important metrics such as PageRank of domain or URL, number of InLinks and Ext.Links, social signals, Alexa rank of domain and more.

In addition, the Sitehunter helps you better organize your sources through the use of custom filters and categories. The flexibility of the Sitehunter is perfect for finding, managing and reaching out to relevant backlink sources.

Backlink Sources

  • Find Backlink Sources
  • The Sitehuter scours the web and finds relevant backlink sources based on the keywords that you choose. It offers you the ability to specify domain, website type, exclusion or inclusion of terms for maximum customization.  

  • Evaluate Backlink Sources 
  • By arranging all the collected backlink sources in a clean overview, Sitehunter enables you to quickly qualify valuable link sources based on filterable metrics. 
  • Find the Perfect Backlink Sources with Several Filters and Tags
  • In linkbird you can shortlist your backlink sources using 20+ filters for maxium customization and relevance.

Competitor Sources

  • Find Competitors' Backlink Sources
  • Just by adding your competitor's domain address in the Sitehunter you can find their backlink sources in the matter of mere minutes. You can then reach out to these sources and leverage them for your own link building. 

  • Identify Competitors
  • The Sitehunter enables you to find other websites which are similar to yours. These websites may be your competitors.

Topical Sources

  • Find Similar Sites
  • The "find similar sites" function of Sitehunter lets the user find websites which are similar to a particular website. Use this function to identify websites which are interesting to you based on content, website structure and audience type.

  • Find Topical Sites
  • By using multiple keywords related to a topic you can use the Sitehunter to gather sources related to that topic. You can use this to find relevant websites, influencers and potential contributors.

Workflow and CRM 

  • Autoconnect backlink sources with existing contacts in the linkbird CRM
  • The Sitehunter scans your linkbird CRM for relevant contacts and automatically assigns them to the potential link source for quick and easy outreach.
  • Scheduling
  • Schedule your own tasks as well as those of your team members for an effective implementation of your linkbuilding-goals, by assigning the evaluation of sitehunter jobs to your team and scheduling deadlines in linkbird.

  • Grow your backlink source contact database
  • You can easily add sources to your linkbird CRM through a bulk adding function. Over time you can grow your database.

What are the benefits of the Sitehunter?

The Sitehunter will be your daily workflow tool for finding and evaluating sources, as well as acquiring backlinks. The easy-to-use interface makes sure that:

  • You can quickly collect backlink sources relevant for your business

  • You can easily evaluate sources based on several metrics

  • You can monitor your competitors and react accordingly

  • You can stay updated on relevant topics and create opportunities for backlinks actively

  • You can build up your database of relevant sources and contacts for future collaborations

  • You can initiate communications right from the list of sources and track your outreach progress

What makes our Sitehunter so special?

  • Backlink sources can be be found and work on within minutes after initiating Sitehunter 

  • Found backlink sources can be quickly qualified and bulk added into your database

  • On top of finding back link sources for your own website also check your competitors'

  • Sitehunter streamlines the entire backlink source research to acquisition 

  • Find every site about topics relevant to your business

  • Sitehunter makes your competive analysis simple

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