Brand Monitoring

Alert Notification

E-mail and notification in the tool for new brand mentions

Monitor your brand / competitors in various countries

Database Check (e.g. already in contact, links, etc.) 


Topic - & Brand Monitoring for SEO, Content Marketing, and Online PR

  • Find brand mentions without any link - benefit from low-hanging-fruits!
  • Measure content seeding successes / reach - evaluate who is really talking about you! 
  • Find new multipliers - get to know the people writing about your brand!
  • Keep an eye on brand mentions of your competitors - keep up with your competition's online visibility!
  • Engage in discussions real-time - you should be visible for your topic area everywhere! 


How can Media Monitoring help me?

Media Monitoring simply means scanning different media for certain keywords or topics, archive the results and then analyse them in order to gain in-depth insights into brand relevant topics or tonality of brand related discussions. Being informed about such brand mentions on the web allows you to react, engage and foster relationships. Therefore the results of monitoring activities have to be considered the basis for further important steps in customer-oriented brand communication on all analogous channels as well as for digital brand management in the connected world. 


What are the linkbird Alerts and how do they support my Brand Tracking?

The linkbird Alerts feature is especially designed for media monitoring online. It enables you to make visible previously defined keywords on websites throughout the web and to immediately be informed about such (brand) mentions. The next step would be to effectively leverage the valubale insights from the media monitoring report for the following purposes: 

Content Seeding

  • CRM Extension
  • Find users that because of their mentions already have a relation to your brand and add them to your CRM.

  • Scheduling
  • Schedule your own tasks as well as those of your team members for an effective implementation of your linkbuilding-goals, by assigning the evaluation of alert jobs to your team and scheduling deadlines in linkbird.

  • New Seeding Sources
  • Use the newly found contacts for seeding campaigns because people who have already taken initiative in mentioning your brand will be interested in other content from you too. 

  • Extensive Evaluation of Content Campaigns
  • Not only measure your success based on backlinks generated but also consider unlinked mentions that were spread across the web. 

Link Building

  • High-quality Link Building through Brand Mentions
  • Encourage link building as people of whom you've already gotten attention and who've mentioned you will often be happy to provide some high-quality links. 

  • New Link Sources
  • Not only use the brand mentions themselves but also file the mentioning website as a potential link partner for the future. 

Online PR

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Always be up-to-date on tonality of brand-related discussions and take measures to influence this factor yourself. 

  • Topic & Keyword Tracking
  • Follow and identify brand relevant discussions on the web and evaluate them with regard to problems, successes and optimizing potentials in your communication. 

Market Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keep an eye on competitors with the linkbird alerts.

  • Topic Monitoring
  • Monitor important brand relevant topics continously and keep up-to-date this way. 

Brand Marketing

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Always be notified about each of your banrd mentions on the world wide web. 

  • Comment Marketing
  • Identify relevant discussions and proactively take part in them. 


What are the benefits of Media Monitoring?

The Media Monitoring Tool works as a bridge between SEO, Online PR, and Content Marketing. The feature allows you to activate synergy effects and pick the low-hanging fruits jointly as a team. This means maximum results with minimum effort. 

  • You are competitive at any time and always one step ahead of your competition

  • You raise reach through close contact to influencers and multipliers 

  • You identify trends in your areas of interest before others do 

  • You generate more leads by the help of proactive and personal interaction with potential customers 

  • You optimize workflows and thus enhance the efficiency of your team's cooperation 

  • You increase your online visibility through high-quality links and effective brand marketing 


What makes our Mention Finder better than Google Alerts?

  • displays important metrics of mentioning websites immediately 

  • filters results for relevant metrics 

  • designates brand alerts directly to an indicated project 

  • files the URLs of found brand mentions as link sources right away

  • finds and displays already existing links on the corresponding URLs and allows you to add them to the tool easily 

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