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Linkmanager - Customizable Filter

unlimited filter options (e.g. for website metrics)
Linkmanager - Individual Columns

high customization of tool interface
Linkmanager - Status Check

daily status check for existing backlinks 

Never Loose Backlinks Ever Again - Sustained Rankings & Traffic 

  • daily backlink check and notifications / e-mail in case of errors (offline, follow/nofollow, changed anchor text, etc.)
  • availability of over 30 metrics (e.g. IP-pop, social signals, traffic, and much more) per link (perfect for link audits or evaluation of inlinks)
  • filter options for all relevant information 
  • high level of customization of the tool interface
  • easy contacting of webmasters via integrated workflow 


How can Backlink Monitoring help me?

Backlink monitoring is an indispensable component of any sustainable link building strategy. After researching relevant link partners, contacting them and generating backlinks in the first place, it is important to monitor and measure the results for long-term success and continuous optimization

Finding, filing, and keeping an eye on your backlinks allows you to measure your link acquisition efforts, optimize link building activities, evaluate your inlinks according to relevant metrics and thus keep online visibility high in the long-run. Backlink monitoring not only lays the foundation for a comprehensive link audit and in consequence a balanced link profile but also gives you, for example, the chance to measure the success of content campaigns.


What is the Backlink Checker and how does it support my Link Management?

The linkbird Backlink Checker has been specially designed for tracking and managing backlinks with regard to online status, dofollow/nofollow attributes, anchor texts, domain metrics, and much more. This function not only enables you to monitor your backlink profile but also notifies you in case of any changes made to a link. You can then effectively leverage these valuable insights from the backlink monitoring report for the following purposes: 


  • Keep a balanced link profile
  • Monitor the spread of dofollow and nofollow links, as well as the split of link anchors into brand and money keywords. The automated PDF report regularly informs you via e-mail about link details as well as characteristics and metrics of incoming URLs and domains. 

  • Get rid of potentially harmful links
  • You will always know who is linking to you, which gives you the opportunity to immediately disavow potentially harmful links or ask for their removal by contacting the responsible webmaster directly through the tool. 

  • Monitor link costs
  • Enter the costs a link might have caused to monitor the link building budget and evaluate the ROI this link was able to generate. 

  • Evaluate team performance
  • See at a glance which and how many links have been generated by each single team member. 

Link Analysis

  • Never loose a backlink ever again
  • The backlink checker crawls all of your filed links on a daily basis and automatically notifies you whenever a link went offline. 

  • Scheduling
  • Schedule your own tasks as well as those of your team members for an effective implementation of your linkbuilding-goals, by assigning the analysis of links to your team and scheduling deadlines in linkbird.

  • Evaluate links according to relevant metrics
  • Evaluate each link with help of highly customizable filters for various domain metrics, such as age, inlinks, popularity, etc. 

  • Track modification of link attributes
  • Filter for the link attributes nofollow/dofollow, identify links that were set to nofollow at a later stage and get the exact date, on which the modification was made.  

  • Find changed anchor texts
  • You can easily identify link texts that differ from the anchor text you filed when the link first appeared. 

Content Marketing

  • Identify and foster especially valuable relationships
  • If you have already added a contact for a certain domain or URL to your Marketing CRM, the Backlink Checker will find this contact when crawling the link and will suggest to assign the link to this person. This way you can filter contacts that often link to your content and that are thus especially relevant for your content seeding. These people deserve special attention. 

  • Measure content campaigns
  • By setting specific link targets for a certain campaign in a certain time frame you can easily track progress and evaluate the success of your content campaigns. 


What are the benefits of Backlink Monitoring?

The link manager analyzes and visualizes the effects of all your link building efforts thus allowing you to audit and optimize activities in order to secure rankings and traffic in the long run. 

  • You ensure a balanced and natural link profile preventing penalties

  • You are always up-to-date on your links' online statuses via automated backlink monitoring reports

  • You  can immediately reactivate lost link juice by directly contacting the respective webmaster through the tool

  • You can identify potentially harmful links before search engines do and undertake the necessary measures

  • You can document content  marketing success with the help of preplanned link targets assigned to a specific project and team member

What is so special about our Link Manager?

  • checks the online status of all of your links on a daily basis

  • immediately delivers all relevant metrics for a specific link

  • recognizes changed link attributes or anchor texts

  • directly connects the link to the responsible contact in your CRM

  • hides columns not needed to ensure that only relevant information is displayed

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