Content Marketing leads to sustainable and profitable online revenue.

The modern customer starts his research with an online search, and gets his information from blogs, forums and social media - your company needs to become visibile in your target group at the right time with the best possible reputation and helpful information.

Content and Inbound Marketing help you to increase your online revenues by sustainably generating more relevant visitors, higher trust and increasing visibility in your target group.

The competitive advantage for your marketing efficieny: more profitable visitors

PPC vs. Inbound Marketing

  • generate more leads and sales
  • earn high quality backlinks and increase Google rankings
  • increase organic visitors (SEO, Online PR, Content, Social etc.)
  • build brand awareness, trust and reputation in your target group
  • increase visibility in relevant marketing channels
  • shift from short-term paid ad budgets to sustainable owned and earned visibility
  • do sustainable online marketing for profitable revenues and higher marketing ROI

Learn more about the Content Marketing Facts in our Fact-Sheet:

  • 70% of Consumers Search for Information via Content Not Ads.
  • 62% lower costs, 3x as many leads, 8x better conversion rates.*
    (*Sources: Inc., Demand Metric (2013), Search Engine Journal)

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5 Steps to Implement and Optimize Content Marketing in Your Company

Content Marketing with linkbird

  1. Content Marketing Research
    Find out which topics are important to your target group and cater to their demands with adequate content.

  2. Content Marketing Planning
    Plan your content creation and campaigns and keep an eye on the topics for which your company is or should be visible.

  3. Content Creation
    Create content internally or externally while ensuring a constant quality level.

  4. Content Distribution
    Increase your content's reach by spreading it via Owned, Earned and Paid Media.

  5. Content Analysis
    Evaluate which content generates relevant visitors, reach and new customers for your company.




How important is Content Marketing to SEO?

Following the triumph of Content Marketing in SEO in the United States, this rather old marketing method from the analog age is also gaining traction in the German digital marketing branch. Look for no further proof than the results from a survey conducted by linkbird between July and August of 2013 among SEO experts, SEO agencies and website operators – the central question being: "How important is Content Marketing to SEO?" Here we present the survey results in one big infographic! 

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Content Marketing in SEO Infographic linkbird survey

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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" width="720" height="1580" /><br /></a><a href="" target="_blank">Content Marketing in SEO</a> - Infographic by <a href=""></a>

Conclusion: Content Marketing for a more sustainable SEO!

The linkbird survey on the subject of "Content Marketing in SEO" clearly shows how an increasing number of Online Marketers are finally realizing the benefits of Content Marketing for their projects and adjusting their marketing efforts accordingly. Hence Content Marketing is gaining more and more momentum in the German SEO industry.

Which makes perfect sense – for search engines on the lookout for the best content, for website operators aiming for an improved visibility and reachability, and for site visitors interested in informing, entertaining and edifying content

Content Marketing in SEO – Be there or be square!

If you want to learn more about the details displayed in the infographic, simply request to read our PDF Report with lots of exciting and detailed analysis of the survey – trust us, it will be well worth your time: