To improve our content marketing efforts we needed to cut down the time we spent on prospecting and increase the amount of outreach completed in the team. linkbird does a great deal of our prospect research for us and has helped us to greatly accelerate our outreach efforts.
Joe Read Head of Outreach (
With linkbird we can depict and administer complex content marketing processes in one single tool. It integrates all steps necessary for a holistic and modern SEO and content strategy of today. Furthermore the many interconnected tools such as the Keyword or Site Hunter ease up our daily working routine with regard to content creation and thus make our team work more efficient and successful.
Bernhard Weinrich Performance Marketing Lead (
linkbird serves as a powerful inbound marketing tool giving you total control of your outreach. It makes your efforts structured and easy to oversee, giving you everything you need for budgeting, tracking and reporting. I find Linkbird especially useful when doing bigger content marketing campaigns with the advantage of being able to easily categorize target groups and approach them accordingly.
Carl Ponnert Lead Inbound Marketing (


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linkbird is the perfect tool when it comes to handling multiple content marketing projects and link building efforts. We found that the structured approach was exactly what we needed to become more efficient in our work and in monitoring client backlinks.
Jonas Aagreen Senior SEO Manager (
Online communications and content seeding are indispensable parts of Inbound Marketing today. With linkbird we can depict and administer complex content marketing processes in one single tool. The tool usability is smooth, clear, and extremely time-saving especially with the import and site hunter tool and no need for excel spreadsheets! This is exactly what linkbird offers all combined in an intuitive interface. linkbird is the perfect tool when it comes to handling multiple content marketing projects and link building efforts. Campaigns can be structured transparently, controlled efficiently, and evaluated easily. Personally, I have worked with many popular SEO tools in the past but linkbird beats all. I'd also like to say that the support team are fantastic too!
Mark Baldwin CEO & Digital Marketing Specialist (
linkbird is a fantastic tool for many aspects of link building. ‘Link management’ should be the term used to best describe the tool. Monitoring current links, sourcing relevant websites and utilizing outreach to manage the process of communication is simply excellent. But what I really love is that the linkbird team ‘listen’ to what could be improved and continually update and develop areas within the tool. I personally found the transition from spreadsheets to this tool perfect – the ability to add new tags, topics and ‘types’ allow you to manage workflow and categorization, which is crucial to managing backlinks for any client or industry. I have tried and tested many SEO and Link Building tools and found that linkbird is probably one of the only tools that actually consider workflow and process, it really does bring together, links, PR and content marketing – with the ability to manage communication. It’s definitely up there as one of my favorite online marketing tools.
Christian Garrington Online Marketing Consultant (
En Contenido SEO utilizamos linkbird para gestionar todas nuestras campañas de linkbuilding y marketing de contenidos. La herramienta es sencilla de manejar, permite guardar el historial de contactos realizados y categorizarlo, ahorrar tiempo y además monitorizar todas las campañas. Extremadamente útil para nuestras campañas internacionales y para la generación de leads.
Lluc Berrio Penycate Head of SEO & Linkbuilding (
We, at Kaymu, have asked ourselves how to optimize the cooperation and best leverage the synergies between PR and SEO. The answer was a joint contact database that delivers SEO metrics on the one hand and tracks successes on the other. This is exactly what linkbird offers all combined in an intuitive interface.
Lena Ortmann Head of SEO bei Kaymu (
linkbird offers us exactly those features that we need for successful content marketing campaigns. It is a strong and multifaceted workflow tool which in addition is easy to use. The tool definitely is a key advantage, especially if you are supervising greater teams.
Laurens Mauquoi Head of Search & CRM (
We're linkbird customers of the first hour and the tool's features support our entire content marketing process from researching websites to seeding to monitoring. This way we can set planning goals for each campaign with only a few clicks and find interesting subject areas with help of the Keyword Hunter. The tool furthermore suggests websites relevant to our target group and potential cooperation partners. It's especially useful for evaluating the success of our content marketing campaigns which is easy and uncomplicated to do with linkbird.
Daniel Unger CEO (
Online communications and content seeding are indispensable parts of Inbound Marketing today. linkbird has proven to be an indispensable tool for paving the way for top positioning of our customers on the web. Campaigns can be structured transparently, controlled efficiently, and evaluated easily. The usability is smooth, clear, and extremely time-saving. Not only are we benefitting internally from using the tool but our customers are benefitting from it as well in the end.
Sepita Ansari CEO (
linkbird supports our team in our Content Marketing. We intensively use the tool for researching multipliers and for communication during the outreach process. We are especially happy about the way change requests are listened to and implemented in a timely manner.
Olaf Kopp Managing Director (
The clear structures and easy use of linkbird make it possible for every staff member to find the entire communication history and partner info for a website in a matter of seconds. Not least with the help of the linkbird toolbar we are able to more quickly and efficiently analyze, prioritize and start the successful acquisition of link sources.
Robert Eilenberg Team Lead SEO (
We at eDarling use linkbird for our SEO and Online PR activities and not only analyze links, but also clippings (placements) with the tool. This is easily done with the controlling feature in linkbird. This not only saves us time, but also a lot of frustration.
Fanny Beyer Head of SEO (
linkbird provides us with exactly the functions we need to manage our international SEO contacts. Furthermore, it enables us to efficiently monitor our employees and partner agencies and evaluate their performance. The partially automated workflows are excellent: thanks to the offline backlink checker, we were able to identify enormous potential in our lost links already during the first days of using the tool. It therefore constitutes a true advantage in respect to time and money for us. We are curious about linkbird’s further development.
Oliver Roskopf Head of Online Marketing (
linkbird offers exactly those functions we need for successful marketing campaigns. It is a strong and versatile tool, made perfect to use by the appealing interface. This saves you time and is of utmost benefits, especially if you have large teams.
Laurens Mauqoui Head of Search & Social (
Any growing SEO team gets to a point where spreadsheets are just inefficient. That’s when we decided we needed another solution and linkbird turned out to be a very solid tool that simplifies our day to day work.
Nicolás Caramella Head of SEO and Social Media (
We have thousands of links referring to our website, thanks to linkbird we are able to control and monitor specific projects individually – thus we save a lot of time and ensure that invested time and budgets stay sustainably effective for our SEO and our rankings.
Sascha M. Otto SEO of MAGIX AG (
Especially as an online shop we have to care about many keywords and target pages. Therefore it is a great help to continuously monitor how many links we built and how much budget we spent for it. linkbird allows us to control an quantify our linkbuilding activities. That saves time and helps us in making decisions.
Daniel Neetzel SEO of Chal-Tec-GmbH (
If you run different campaigns for different clients parallel, things can quickly become confusing. linkbird helps us to keep control over operations and definitely is the most effective tool for link management.
Thomas Gruhle CEO Barketing IMS GmbH (
linkbird represents a real quantum leap for professional link building.
Dr. Korbinian Spann Head of SEO (
Link management tools may be the basis of all future SEO tools. In this field linbird is the „FirstMover“ and is technically as well as historically set apart from the competiton. At the moment we base our work in the SEO agency on that very powerful tool. An explicit recommendation.
Marco Janck CEO & Owner of SEOCAMPIXX (german SEO conference) (
linkbird provides numerous useful functions to meaningfully coordinate parallel link building of several websites at once. Starting from the research of potential links, through making contact with the respective website operators down to the creation of regular reports, linkbird offers everything SEO agencies need to administer their customers.
Heiner Hemken Owner (
In linkbird we finally found a professional and powerful tool for the monitoring and control of backlinks. Due to the very simple operating and the archiving function, we save a lot of time and money.
Michael Feike CEO SEO-effektiv GmbH (
At least since the release of linkbird 3.0 no SEO agency or inhouse linkbuilding team which takes its work seriously will get along without this tool. From link acquisition through contact management up to link monitoring, linkbird assists you at daily SEO processes.
Christian Bücherl CEO Boost Internet GmbH (